The pur-fect amount of time. Our 30 minute visits offer more time to complete tasks whilst still allowing for games or cuddles. All our visits no matter how long include everything you would expect from feeding, litter tray cleaning and TLC to our comprehensive list of free of charge services.


2 x 30-MINUTE VISITS (most popular)

A reduced rate of just £6.00 is charged for the second visit. This is our most popular booking and is excellent for all types of cat personalities from those who enjoy more visits for playtime and cuddles to those who like to adventure out in the daytime and need to be let back inside to sleep in the evening.





Our 45 minute visits are the right choice if you have more than 3 cats as it will allow for enough time for extra cleaning. They are also often booked by our Clients who require the administration of medications.


2 x 45-minute visits

We charge a reduced rate of £8.00 for second visits. This is the most popular choice for cats who require medication in the morning and evening. 





Think Kittens! 1 hour visits are excellent for kittens who will love the extra playtime. If you have a new cat or have moved house the longer visits offer comfort and plenty of time to cuddle.


2 x 1-hour visits

Our special two 1-hour visits offer lots of play time in the am and pm, kittens and playful cats will enjoy the time spent playing with the laser pen and feather toys.

I would recommend this service as it is much better for the cats to be in their home environment than in a small cattery pen. Daily text reassured us that all was well. Good value for money too with the added advantage of having an eye kept on the house!
— Mrs. Burton (Kiev & Binky)